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Follow the Youth of Destiny Arts Through a Year of Becoming FREE
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What people are saying about F R E E



"While the film is rooted in Oakland, the stories of these teens will resonate with young people across the United States, as their stories lead by example that the ability to create impact in a life begins by following personal passion."

–Susie Hernandez, Senior Director of Television Programming, KQED

“FREE is not about the most gifted, most adored, or most popular children getting to star in their annual school play. It’s about teens who have already experienced the school of hard knocks learning how to use their creativity as a tool with which to learn about themselves, build enough confidence to embrace future opportunities and, hopefully, begin to heal from some deep emotional wounds.”

–Huffington Post

"I found the movie so empowering, educational and inspiring I chose to present it all the masters level university trainees I oversee. I encourage anyone working with children to see this movie.”

–Alicia Montgomery LCSW, Field Placement Coordinator, 
East Bay Agency for Children



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