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About The Film

F R E E: The Power of Performance is an award-winning documentary film following five teenagers who use dance and spoken word to transcend the violence, broken families and poverty in their lives. The film captures a life-changing year with the Destiny Arts Center in Oakland, California, as they work together to create a performance based on their life stories.

The film spotlights the power of artistic expression as the teens push themselves beyond their struggles to find strength, resilience and hope for the future.



National Broadcast - Fall 2018

Colorado | CPT - November 1st at 8pm
Chicago | WTTW - November 4th at 2 pm.
Northern California | KRCB - November 7th at 9pm
Houston | KUHT - November 14th at 9pm.
San Francisco | KQED Plus - November 15th at 10pm
And more! 



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